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Welcome to the start of my journey

Where to start?

That is always the question when you have to tell your story. Well, my story started from a young age.

Both my parents were from diverse backgrounds and my father in particular was always an adventurer and a creative person. He encouraged me to be creative, however, by the time I was a teenager I was probably starting to worry him with my desire to travel the world…

My first trip away alone was to Zakynthos and it was also the start of my independent journey into photography. I snapped away, partied away as any rebellious teenager would do, however, I was also exploring the island by foot and by bike in between to get the snaps. This was in the days of film photography, digital wasn’t quite there yet. I remember coming back and the snaps of a cove filled with deep blue sea water and my first ever scuba dive, excited family and friends. That was until I announced I wanted to head off to Australia the following year and I wasn’t quite 18. Therefore, I needed written consent from my father. As you can imagine he was having none of it. He was worried a lone young female travelling to such a far off place was too risky, but still I argued this point and said I would wait the few short months whereby I would turned 18 and I’d go anyway and he couldn’t stop me. So he reluctantly agreed. The plan was now in motion. I would just book flights and I would be armed with my Lonely Planet guide to locate accommodation and places of interest.

I will cover the full story of this trip in my next blog. What I can tell you is, the photography produced then was the next step, but it would take a further 7 years before I decided to turn my natural talent into S L Davis Photography.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the start of my journey

  1. Wonderful intro Sharon. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your endeavours xxxx

    1. Thank you Antonia, watch this space, more to come.

  2. Looking forward to reading through all of these posts, some spectacular photography as well.

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