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The in between and the beginning…

City Sunrise Horizon - S L Davis Photography

What did I do between the travel you have read about so far?

Well to put it simply, I was working in several sectors. I was also undergoing medical treatment for serious illness, but these are another story entirely…

It was following my trip to Africa in 2006, the business idea was born. I was initially going to set up with a friend who was equally talented as a photographer and skilled in IT. By 2007 this had still not materialised and it became obvious, he was a bit of a fantasist and would ultimately spend more time trying to tear down my ambition, aspirations and works. Unfortunate, but something that many go through.

Determined, I found another friend was able to set up and build the website. Looking back now, due to me being new to business, the original website was hideous (this was my fault) and it was equally user unfriendly. I was unable to update it and it was a horrible blue colour. This however, did not stop me from generating business and for a period of 5 years, I covered numerous projects and was published by a few media outlets.

So what made me stop?

I stopped for a number reasons. I was unable to turn things into a full time role, personal matters took over meaning I had to put family needs first and the corporate side took over. I made the decision to put this on the back burner and that is where I left it for 8 years. Due to becoming getting engrossed in corporate roles, personal responsibilities, travel was limited to just around the UK from 2009.

This though does not mean my photography passion stopped. I continued honing my skills and even adding in the latest technology to work with. Many corporate colleagues, who got to know me well saw the works and were impressed with what I produced. I even did a few in house projects.

So here we are in 2020 and CoVid-19 has caused absolute havoc. Corporate roles I once did are now scarce and we are in a recession. Most would think it’s a terrible time to pick up where I left off. I however, have every confidence in my ability and work and that good will come from it. My family have stepped in to provide support and a few good friends have also taken the time to help me get this up and running, to which I am grateful for.

I feel the photos speak for themselves and you can see I produce images of a high quality. Getty felt the same too as they approved me as one of their contributors earlier this year. I am reliably informed this is not an easy task to achieve.

I have a number of pieces in various competitions which are starting to get recognition. I hope at some point to also bring to you an exhibition.

I have spent a lot of time rebuilding this website, uploading my works past and present and writing the blogs. This included editing film photography, research and cross checking the information given to me at the time of travel. This has not been limited to passing on current information with historic and scientific research which are the backstory to the photography. The aim of the blogs is to showcase my photography, journey, provide education and inspiration with a touch of humour. Photography isn’t just about click and go. A lot of time and effort goes into producing these images as well as writing up the back story. To give you an idea, the following list is some of what I have personally done which is not just about being physically challenged it is also a mental challenge and especially when one has a couple of phobias;

All my works are unique to me and I aim to provide works to appease everyone’s taste.

So with that said, we will embark on my travels and photographic works of Madagascar and then we will be travelling around Old Blighty.

I hope so far you have enjoyed the blogs and it has enlightened you, made you laugh and above all you appreciate the hard work that goes in, to produce these images. I really wish it was as simple as snap and go, but it’s not.

Photography, takes an immense amount of skill. You can have the best equipment in the world but if you haven’t got the eye, you don’t use the equipment correctly and you do not take the time and patience required. You will not produce powerful images that sparks people’s interests. The physical and mental element, means some days it is incredibly exhausting as there is a lot of trekking involved, climbing things, crawling across things and getting into positions, even the Yogi’s haven’t thought of or wouldn’t recommend as per list above.

The main thing is, it is incredibly rewarding and seeing people truly light up from these works, ask questions and really engage is even more rewarding. I honestly couldn’t continue doing this, if it wasn’t inspiring others and bringing them joy.

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